Waiting for my real life

Overview of documentary

"Waiting For My Real Life," exposes the politics and personal stories behind the most significant threat to our future – obesity. After revealing the scope and tragedy of the obesity crisis, the film explores rays of hope on the horizon in the field of science and medicine. The film follows the emotional journeys of several obese patients, including Jeremy Norman, a young man who has spent the past two years bedridden yet full of hopes and dreams of living a normal life. He is truly waiting for his real life to begin.

"So goodbye bed. I am sick of being confined in you. Yes, the operation will hurt like nothing before. I will have two huge scars from my butt down… but it all comes down to FREEDOM… that sweet, sweet word. I guess you could say I truly am waiting for my real life to begin."—Jeremy Norman


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Jeremy Norman

Professor John F. Banzhaf III

Professor Kaare Norum



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